INDUIT is an Italian brand born in 2012 from the meeting between the passion for fashion and the entrepreneurial spirit of Fabio Ferrarini.

Over the years INDUIT has also grown with the experience and passion of Roberta M., who has always been in the world of fashion and is constantly looking for novelties and beauty of style.

Our store is the ideal place to live a glamorous experience, in a friendly and welcoming environment created to interpret and respond to the needs of our customers and create the TOTAL LOOK for a woman attentive to the current fashion trends.

Our philosophy is mainly inspired by the attention to customer satisfaction by offering a vast assortment always in step with the times without ever neglecting quality.

Our choice to sell exclusively in our Show Room was born from the need to preserve a direct relationship with the customer, assisting him in all phases of the sale, through valuable advice and suggestions based on the type of purchase that each person wishes to make.